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Pics of Self-Tappers

I'm throwing this together "on the fly" for a fellow "GardenWebber In Need!"

***Requisite Disclaimer:***

I am posting this info to show how we assembled my greenhouse - in the hopes that someone else might find it helpful.

We are not Construction Professionals (which *should* be fairly obvious!), so this is not intended to be taken as "Gospel!" Use whatever info you find useful, but if you're in doubt, PLEASE consult a professional! And check your local building codes, etc. etc. before proceeding. I am not responsible for any errors, damage or injury that may occur as a result of following our "Totally Unprofessional Advice" (Remember, we were being supervised by a Dachshund!:-)

...So it ain't necessarily gonna be pretty!

One of the posters was asking about Self-Tapping Screws for the 6x8 HFGH. I used 3/4" self-tappers (I wanna say they're #10 sized w/hex-heads). I needed the extra length b/c I was driving the screws thru the twin-wall polycarbonate (I *think* it's appx 5mm thick - but please correct me if I'm wrong!) and 1/4" self-stick foam weather-stripping (which was applied directly to the panels - see earlier "Construction" pages). For the first go-round, I used 1/2" self-tappers, but they just weren't long enough and the panels were "squished."

I did not use neoprene washers (but, come wintertime, I'll probably wish I had!). With the extra length of the screws, I think I can easily add neoprene washers later, if the need arises.

I pre-drilled holes thru the panels, weatherstripping and GH frame. I still needed to use a "screwdriver-handle-thingie" for the socket-wrench (as opposed to the nifty "ratchety-ratchety-thingie") b/c you do need to apply quite a bit of pressure to get these suckers to go in!!!

Screws were applied to the tops and bottoms of every full-sized panel and the roof vents. The center back panel got 3 (1 in the middle of the bottom, and 2 in the top, in the middle of the pointy-sides). I did not need to use them in the door panels since those are pretty snug.

Yes, the screws *do* stick through, but not by much - and I haven't severed any major arteries (YET!). Seriously, it doesn't bother me at all. The pointy-ends could probably be cut off with a Dremel tool (although that might make it difficult to remove/replace the panels). Heck, for that matter, if you're drilling pilot holes anyway, you could probably just as easily use nuts 'n bolts (but that'd be a pain in the tush, IMHO).

Anyway - Here are the pictures (Click on a Pic to see full-sized version):

Top Side Panel, Exterior

Top Side-and-Roof Panels, Interior. Yes, they stick through, but it doesn't bother me...

Bottom Side Panel, Exterior (Yeah, it's dirty!)

Bottom Side Panel, Interior (It *looks* scary 'cuz I took these pictures in Super-Close-Up Mode. But it really is no big deal!)


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