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IMQTPI's Yard Page

Not-so-New Page Added 08/22/03 (but updated in 2007!)

Okay, this is sad, but my HTML skills have gotten so rusty, I've had to resort to a pre-fab page. It's not half bad looking though...
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A New Hobby!

This is my new playground=====>

Well, since I "took the plunge" and became a married woman, I found I had to give up my carefree, boating lifestyle in favor of tending to Terra Firma.

Luckily, here in Sunny San Jose, I was able to discover a new passion: Gardening!

Backyard Mayhem

I absolutely could NOT live without water. So, late in 2002, we decided to build a concrete pond in the backyard...

The pond ======>

Good Intentions...

The long-range plan is to document the adventure... I actually kept a pretty good day-by-day log of what-all was involved with pool construction, along with digital photos of every major mishap - err - improvement!

At some point, I'll try to update this site with the details. Seems the pool-builder's sites *do* explain the process, but they just don't seem to capture the "reality" of having heavy equipment tearing up your own yard for three (seemingly endless) months!!!

We'll see if I ever get around to making good on my promise ;-)

But for Now...

I'm going to share some random pictures of our yard.

I hesitate to call them "After" shots - although, as far as the pool is concerned, they are!

For now, I'll consider this a "Work In Progress" as I am now armed with the latest edition of the Sunset's Western Garden Book, and am trying my hand at Landscape Design!

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