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More Garden Pics From 2006

Again, in no particular order

Early 2006...  More to come!

The Tiki Bar got embellished with bamboo blinds...

And a new Mexican Tiki Mask was added this year

A "fresher" view of the Tiki Bar...

Tiki Dude is still here!

"Tresspassers Will Be Offered a Shot!"

Birds of Paradise in Bloom (late-spring/early summer event)

Peach Blossoms (Not particularly "tropical" but - the fruits are AWESOME!)

Peach blossom, up close and personal!
Plum Blossoms More Plum Blossoms

Later in 2006...

Backyard Resort

Yeah, it sucks to be us, eh?!!
Secret Garden Entry - Sept '06

I can't believe I worred about the Boug's!!!
Hibiscus in Bloom Bananas w/Purple Fountain Grass in Foreground
Dynah Lowrider checkin' out the new Lounge Chairs! El Cheapo Tikis from BigLots!

Is there such a thing as "Too Many Tikis?!!!"

Our "Second" Tiki Bar - In the Secret Garden

Again, I ask... Is there such a thing as "Too Many Tikis?!!" (Don't answer that!!!)

Tiki Bar and One Buffett Chair

Had to do a bit of shifting around to make everything "work"
Oversized Palapa and Buffett Chairs Queen Palm, Bananas and Colocasia w/Fountain Grass
Both Buffett Chairs Plums (Again, not tropical - but delicious!!!)
Last Updated: 09/26/06