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2007 The Greenhouse Saga Continues...

After-Market Accessories and stuff.

And maybe even some pictures after I put plants in it!

***Requisite Disclaimer:***

I am posting this info to show how we assembled my greenhouse - in the hopes that someone else might find it helpful.

We are not Construction Professionals (which *should* be fairly obvious!), so this is not intended to be taken as "Gospel!" Use whatever info you find useful, but if you're in doubt, PLEASE consult a professional! And check your local building codes, etc. etc. before proceeding. I am not responsible for any errors, damage or injury that may occur as a result of following our "Totally Unprofessional Advice" (Remember, we were being supervised by a Dachshund!:-)

***Click on a pic to see an enlarged version!***

Page added 08/18/07 - With (hopefully) ongoing updates...

Well, I'm happy to report that the Greehouse "Structure" is complete. Now it's time to "Accessorize!"

Accessories so far...

Charley's Greenhouse had a shelving unit on sale (I think it's intended for orchids), and it seems to fit nicely. I like that it's tiered so, theoretically, I could stash some plants under, as well as on top of it. It "snaps" together (kinda - more like "squishes!"). It seems sturdy enough - if a little catty-wompus (probably partially b/c the ground isn't perfectly level). I will say it's not easy to move, once it's assembled (it wants to pop apart!). Originally I set it up "across" the back wall, but then I lost a lot of floor-space. I like it better on the side wall, pushed into the far back corner. That way I've still got plenty of room for my taller potted tropicals (that'll have to rest on the floor).

I also added a chair, so I can "hang out" in my little "Slice O' Summer" when the mercury drops. (at least that's the theory!). Ooh, I wonder if the WiFi will reach out that far back???

And I've added a fluorescent shop light - hung from some of the eye hooks I so wisely installed during construction!

...And a self-opening window vent (which will only work on the one window. The other window "binds" too much (a pretty common complaint with the HFGH - I think I'm lucky that ONE opens/closes easily!). We originally bought the ($20) vent-opener from HF - but it was missing pieces and I couldn't really get it to work. I ended up buying the Optivent opener from Charley's Greenhouse. I like it (it stays out of the way and I'm less likely to put out an eye!).

Biggest challenge with the GH, so far, is how stinkin' hot it gets out there! Even with the vents and door open, it tops 108* during the day (even when ambient temps are in the low 80's!). So some add'l ventilation will be critical. We bought a solar fan from HF. Looks like all the parts are "there!" We'll be assembling that soon, and I'll post pics... I also bought 60% shade cloth from Charley's - still in the package! And I need to add some vents toward the bottom of the GH to encourage air-flow throughout.

Anyway, there's still plenty to do, and I'll try to keep this page updated as well...........

08/26/07 The latest update is that I *can't* update this page without diving in and updating html code (Grrrr!). I've moved my latest update to...Nevermind!

08/30/07 Latest update is that the site is *mostly* fixed, so click above for the 2007 Solar Fan Update!

Inside, looking back...

(Please excuse the mess, I've still got "stuff" to put away!)

And inside, looking forward...

Tiered shelves from Charley's Greenhouse

Optivent - closes itself at night

Optivent opens once it warms up outside. It was very easy to "dial-in" (as far as when to open/close)

You can also see the self-tappers used to secure the panels in place (referenced on the "We bought a greenhouse" page)

Shade Cloth on south side and entire top of GH.

That's it, so far! Stay tuned for updates!

(The Solar Fan page has more recent updates!)

Actually, I have - more recently - updated *this* page (See below)!

This ain't a "Professional Page" after all! ;-)

Update 10/21/07 There's plants in the Greenhouse!

Sorry, I'm flip-flopping between the Solar Fan Page and this one (but this page isn't really "Solar-Related!"). Anyway, temps have been dipping into the mid- to upper-40's at night, so I figured I'd better start bringing stuff in!

I have set-up a chair in the GH. This is the view I see *from* my chair. It's very "Cozy" in the GH now, but I do have some shelf-space left :-)

I'll have even more shelf-space when I remove the Boom-Box, Humidifier and Box fan (those are "dry-weather-use-ONLY" appliances!). So I'll still have room to start some seedlings, come springtime.

I have an electric heater, on a thermostat, that will kick-on @ 40* (shouldn't kick-on 'til late December - and only sporadically - thru late Feb). Plants oughtta do just fine in here!

I *thinkI I'm all "set" for winter, now!!!

The "Beauty" part is: In the GH (with no wind - other than what's generated by the fan), the plants in the GH don't dry out too quickly and seem to do just fine!

Yep. I'm a Happy Camper!!!

Another view of my "Cozy" Greenhouse Plants.

Yes, it's pretty "tight" in here! But I think (hope) my "marginals" oughtta make it thru Winter. It's definitely an improvement over the "Tent" I had last year!!! This is, pretty much, ALL of the plants that I want to over-winter in the GH and I can't add any more (Not that that will stop me from buying more!!!)!

The big Plumies are probably in their "Final Year" of GH life. They're almost too big to fit thru the door now! Next year, they probably won't be able to come in (I'll have to arrange some other type of "covering" in the future!)

This will be "My Spot" to hang out in the wintertime!!!!